A sticking point to good productivity is that of cultural stagnation. Routine is crucial, but too frequently, this is lost to the erosion of inspiration, joy and ultimately, job satisfaction. Once employees lose their sense of worth in your company, a decrease in work productivity will inevitably follow. If a stagnate culture is allowed to continue, you could reach a point of no return. Don’t let it get that far.

My superpower is to turn, what might seem impossible to you, a stagnate working environment into a much healthier one. First, it is about making the right diagnosis. You cannot make assumptions. Working with you, I will provide a structured analysis and an assessment of your current working environment. I will then make recommendations for implementing an effective long term change.

Disability Perspectives

It is a matter of fact that disability discrimination is among the most neglected across all race and ethnic minority groups. Where housing, health, education and employment are concerned there is still a great deal to do. Moreover, when disability intersects with age, for example, social disadvantages are even more pronounced. Never is this so self-evident as it is in this pandemic. People with learning disabilities have a higher death rate (approximately 6.3 times higher than the general population) from COVID-19

My service is that of advocacy as a keynote speaker and a consultant for disability rights. It may well be that you know you need to increase accessibility in terms of your services but don’t quite know how to assess your situation. Perhaps you need to provide updated training for your employees. You might need to be up-to-date current practices in support of disability rights. Keeping all your employees informed and your disability employees, protected lies at the heart of my services. Contact me to find out how I can help you.

Youthful Challenges

I’m a proud mother of a daughter and son who have remained sensitive to the needs of young people. Indeed, I take my role as a school governor very seriously particularly during these difficult times.

My work involves a range of services including working within schools; acting as a mentor for young people. As well as, working with gender, sexuality and body anxieties.

My message to all young people battling with all sorts of worries in their lives is to remind them that no matter what the problem, they do not have to go through it on their own.

Besides a listening ear, I provide practical skills and a safe place to share.

Equality is the soul of liberty; there is, in fact, no liberty without it.

Frances Wright (1825)

About Me

‘Coupled with thirty-years experience as a Police Officer, I will wrap-around my skills and the insights I have developed as an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant to protect you’.

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