I approached Marcia to take part in a series of complex conversations on gender-based violence and intersectional violence as a response to cultural events in London run by Accenture Interactive DE&I. I could not recommend her more; she has a deep understanding of intersectional lived experience, empathy and bias and isn’t afraid to speak truth to societal issues. I’m keen to continue our collaboration and engage with Marcia as an executive coach on DE&I. Marcia is the specialist you need in your executive meeting. Put her on speed dial. Grace Francis, They / Them, Chief Experience Officer, part of Accenture Interactive. April, 19, 2021

I have know Marcia for many years now and across the time she has been my manager, mentor, coach and friend. She has helped me become a person I didn’t even know I could be. I was stuck as we all sometimes are, but she saw the potential I had. Offered me a role where I was free to express myself and grow, all the while teaching me to excel and guiding me toward being the person I am now. Her years of mentoring and ongoing coaching leave me in stunned silence and continued realisation most of the time and a simple phone call (where she usually says very little) will flood my mind with reflection points. I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today without her. Joe Jachimowicz, Supporting Vessel Operators and owners, monitor and record data to create safer working environments. Jan. 14, 2021

Marcia and I worked together for the Royal Navy’s Learning and Development Organisation (formerly NETS)- she was employed in a civilian Learning and Development Advisor (LDA) role, myself in a deployable training consultancy role, so we had periodic (<weekly) interaction which ranged from co-delivering the RN’s ILM L5 Coaching course to managing Personnel and Development Interviews (PDIs) between us to provide continuity for individuals between seagoing and shore service. During this time, I very quickly came to appreciate her exceptionally broad and deep knowledge of coaching and mentoring, which was underpinned by the technical skill, patience, conviviality and genuine passion for HRD that really enabled her to thrive in both the training delivery and personal advice/ development roles. She is a proactive and trustworthy colleague, who always seeks to identify ways in which her considerable experience can deliver benefit to the organisation and those around her, and has the breadth of vision to see the bigger ‘training and development picture’, which makes her work particularly timely and focused. I would have no hesitation in working with her again, and she has my fullest endorsement for similar roles in the future. Samuel Balmond, BSc Hons. PgDip CMCIPD RN, Lieutenant Commander, Royal Navy

Marcia is a fantastic communicator and can take full control of an audience. She has a positive can do attitude and is an excellent team player. Marcia has a lot of training experience and this was evident throughout the Advanced Course. With her previous experience Marcia will excel with her TEFL Career. I would recommend Marcia for any teaching position. Dany Amirah Mundy, ELT / EAL Teacher Trainer.

Marcia is a very knowledgable, enthusisatic, professional, ‘can do’ type person. In my role as Head of Equality and Diversity I often found myself needing to bounce ideas of people who had far greater knowledge and experience than I in specialist areas. Marcia was one of those people who you could always ask, in my case sometimes clumsily questions of and know that you were getting a direct, honest and considered response. Marcia was clearly very passionate about her coaching, mentoring and support for Black and Minority Groups, but in doing so she was also able to relate her views and opinions to the situation faced. Marcia is definately someone I would contact for sound advice and support. Although I may have been senior to her, it was a case of knowing ‘who’ to contact for the right answers. Andy Parkes, Director at Business Development at Purple Frog Systems

Marcia is an individual passionate about coaching and mentoring. I have recently run a Mentoring Pilot scheme on behalf of West Mercia Police and Marcia has been an effective mentor throughout. Due to her qualifications and previous experience in this specialist area she was able to greatly enhance the group sessions for mentors to help others develop their skills. Danielle Woods, (MCIPD) HR Business Partner

Marce has been instrumental in shaping and delivering the Being Inclusive strategy for the organisation. She has worked tirelessly to upskill managers, support others, and help facilitate open 2-way dialogue, promoting best practice in relation to EDI. Marce is a true ambassador for change and culture transformation, and it has been great having Marce support HR and the wider organisation in this area – given the ongoing spotlight on really important, difficult and equally sensitive discussions on aspects of EDI, in the external environment. Thank you, Marce! Pardeep Bhamra, Senior Manager HR Strategy & Transformation. April 20, 2021

Marcia is a breath of fresh air. She gets to the point straight away and gets the conversation going in a positive and engaging direction. Marcia was a guest speaker as part of my organisation’s ED&I working group meeting and has certainly got us all thinking in a different way in order to make positive changes. The impact of her words will resonate with us for a long while. Lindsay Sedwards, BSc CMIOSH, MNUcl, Msc, MAPM. Safety Health and Environment Manager at NUVIA UK Mar. 9, 2021

I approached Marcia to assist in a training for the charity which I work for. Marcia was quick to respond and really helpful and gave me valuable information to use even though Marcia wasn’t able to attend the training. I recommend you get in touch with Marcia as her experience and knowledge would only help. Robert Hylton-Bartley, Inclusion Lead, Feb 8, 2021

Marcia is a very thoughtful and helpful person with a strong sense of values and integrity. She is a confident and skilled communicator, who takes the time to understand what you want before helping, rather than rushing in. Matt Caulfield, High Performance Coach, Mindfulness Best Coach, NLP Trainer, Author, Flaneur.

I was invited by Marcia to speak at West Mercia Police Headquarters at conference on diversity. Marcia had organised the event which included talks from several police Chief Constables and key professionals within a range of industries. I found the event to be well organised and extremely informative. I would like to congratulate Marcia on her excellent organisational skills and her utmost professionalism. Ashley Blake, Television Presenter and Reporter.

Marcia created significant insights into changes that needed to happen – a passionate and determined professional. I hope I get the chance to work with Marcia again soon. Professor Tony Hall, Founder and Head of the International Centre for Thriving.

Marcia wrote a monthly column for Jane’s Police Review while I was editor there. Her writing was always informative, interesting and thought-provoking and well read by our readership. She was very reliable and a pleasure to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services. Chris Herbert, Director at Delta PR and Communications Ltd.

Marcia is a consumate professional who has a a mastery of her business area. She is trustworthy and will ensure that procedures and processes are followed she will not turn away from the unpopular or difficult decisions to ensure that the appropriate service is provided. Marcia is an exceptional trainer who is able to deliver complex and difficult material in a manner which is easy to follow and retain. Marcia has continued in her professional development to the highest level and continues to apply this to her interests beyond her current position. Mark Ashford, Artist Film and TV at Self Employed

Marcia brings a breadth of knowledge of policing, the whole realm of diversity and how issues affect Black women in particular. This is a double whammy that Black women have suffered. The race and gender agenda is something that Marcia can be proud of within the NBPA movement. She has been a stalwart of the NBPA for many many years and one feels even when she retires she will remain committed to race equality and policing. This is one individual within the NBPA that has stood up and been counted. Rajendra P. Joshi, Hindu Preacher

It has been my pleasure to know Marcia as a fellow member of our interactive & vibrant coaching group. She is always inspirational in her communication, committed to excellence & I recommend her if you are looking to make step changes in areas of personal development. Irene Bayliss, Director of EyeJBee Ltd.

Marcia is committed and passionate about improving inclusion and diversity. With extensive personal experience she is able to speak from a position of authority. Marcia is always willing to challenge the status quo and is dedicated to bringing about effective and sustainable change. Gill Lay, Chartered MCIPD. Director, People and Operations at UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (UKCEH). April 21, 2021

I consulted Marcia on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) aspects for a school under development. She was extremely helpful in providing me various aspects to think about with potential practical support ideas for each. She provided me with valuable supporting material, resources and links to build on the ideas further. I highly recommend reaching out to Marcia on any EDI topic. I much appreciated her kind, thoughtful, insightful and expert advise. Eva Belonohy, Operations Area Coordinator of WPSA (Exploitation of JT-60SA and WPPrlO (Preparation for ITER operations) April, 19, 2021

I was fortunate to meet Marcia at a coaching group during 2012 and soon came to respect her views and experience. We have developed a peer to peer coaching arrangement and I value her hugely. Her pragmatic and intelligent approach has really helped me in developing my own business and helped me make progress when I have been stuck. She is hugely supportive, has integrity in spades and a warm personality that shines. She has so much experience and uses this intelligently to get the most from me. With her huge array of skills, I have no doubt she’d be an asset to private and business clients alike and would happily recommend her. Fiona Cohn, Employer Engagement Expert, Speaker, Trainer.

Marcia is a highly professional and effective trainer. She is also very personable and cares about people getting genuine practical benefits from training so they can start to notice a positive difference straight away. I was privileged to experience Marcia delivering a really useful session on conducting effective developmental reviews and I can see how lots of organisations will benefit hugely from her input. I very happily recommend Marcia Ore. Tony Burgess, Trainer

I approached Marcia to provide me with guidance and support in promoting my new children’s book. Consequently, she supplied me with very useful and practical advice. I am now getting positive responses from potential customers. Veleta Hayles

Marcia, a coach herself, kindly agreed to work with me as a volunteer client to help me achieve my coaching qualification. Marcia was fully committed to this and her generosity meant that we explored real concerns and challenges. Marcia demonstrates real passion for her own and others personal and professional development. Her feedback and insight is extremely valuable and my confidence and competence have grown as a result. I have no hesitation in recommending Marcia as a coach who will not only challenge and help you explore your situation, she will also champion your success. Michelle Tranter, Managers and Aspiring Managers’, Career coach and Mentor

Marcia and I shared a platform at an event in West Mercia. In her presentation I experienced her as being very clear and encompassing in her delivery at the event. She offered practical advice and tips backed up by both personal and professional examples. Make sure you have a notebook around when listening to Marcia because if you don’t you’ll soon wish you had!!! Gamal Turawa (MIDHP) Keynote Speaker at Purple Frog Connections

Marcia is an empathic mentor, adviser and trainer who can assess and meet the needs of clients, students and delegates with the greatest ease. Marcia’s professionalism and integrity are second to none and I happily recommend her to anyone looking for a much needed alternative approach to developing theirs and others understanding of equality and diversity issues. Within the National Black Police Association, Marcia was instrumental in developing the ‘Gender Agenda’, as well as advising strategically on all matters of diversity within the criminal justice system. Ruwan Uduwerage-Perera MA, Msc, FHEA, FRSA

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