Who Cares?

As a Black Women and EDI Partner, this subject area is close, personally, and professionally.

I have personally experienced direct, indirect and the subtle forms of discrimination based on my skin colour in every area of my life, and in every work context.

I am affronted when people say ‘I don’t see colour’ ‘I don’t see you as one of them’ or all the other permutations these statements have manifested themselves.

There is so much I could say, but I won’t, I can’t, sometimes I think ‘What’s the point if those listening don’t really care?’ So, I will refer to Roianne Nedd’s book, The Trusted Black Girl: Challenging Perceptions & Maximising the Potential of Black Women in the UK Workplace.

Much of the book’s contents I can relate to from the stereotyping into a particular ‘Black girl persona’ – all have been applied to/at me at some point. Being The Exotic Black Girl, The Too Black Girl, The Angry Black Girl, The Workaholic Black Girl, (overdone that one!), The Tired Black Girl, and The? Black Girl (Lesbian & Bisexual). Wonder if I have made The Successful Women List yet!

Pages 102-103 talks about the two powerhouses in most organisations, White men, and White women.

There is much talk of allyship. Still for me this is demonstrated firstly, by the ally listening to understand, not to respond or to correct me and tell me my experience did not happen? I must have done something wrong? I have a chip on my shoulder, or it’s in my imagination? Secondly, if you witness incidents of racism and discrimination, say something, do something, be an ally in action words are cheap.

Professionally, take the time to consider the lives of those who are not like you. Were not educated at the same university, speak with a different accent, be due to region or country of origin. Inclusion comes before diversity, and is dependant on equality.  Personally, make me feel like this Black Life Matters.

Published by Marlene

My interests are in copywriting social issues, race, education, health and law.

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