Law and Inclusivity

A couple of weeks ago I attended the d&I Leaders Global Forum in London where diversity and inclusion professionals worldwide gathered to share the stories about their organisation’s journey to make their workplace a more inclusive and diverse environment.

The speakers were represented by Coca-Cola, IKEA, Lego, and Uber, together with some relevant academics. They shared their research on such topics as the ‘Gendered Brain’, Inclusive Leadership, and employee resource groups/networks’ effectiveness. Mental health and wellbeing, as experienced by racism, were also discussed.


As practitioners and professionals in our area of expertise, we discussed in a safe place, the challenges of encouraging, supporting and promoting Inclusion and diversity in our organisations. Conversations between speakers and delegates revealed a degree of global failure to achieve equality, diversity and Inclusion. Yet, a growing pocket of an almost tangible concerted effort to embed Inclusion and diversity instead of continuing to adopt a ‘tick box’ approach, struck me and gave me hope. That’s why I say legislation alone fails, every time, and has done so for decades.

Published by Marlene

My interests are in copywriting social issues, race, education, health and law.

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